Kuralpal is an attempt to ease the process of learning Thirukkural.  We have recorded each and every thirukkural/couplet with right pronunciation!

What is the need for another Thirukural website? while plenty of sites available for Thirukural? Kuralpal is build using the latest technology framework to present Thirukkural in much readable format. The site is responsive and it supports most of the desktop and mobile browsers.

Kural needs to be promoted to young generation. Today’s young generation learning a lot from Karate to Robotics in and out of schools. They know how to earn money, how to protect themselves but unfortunately most of them dont know the moral values and principles of life. Schools will teach them how to score marks, how to pass an exam, how to earn money. Schools fail to teach them the important life lessons. If young generation doesn’t know the principles and values, we are failing in our part as parents, teachers, educators etc. We are simply producing money making robots.

Inorder to help today’s young generation, we are presenting Thirukural in multiple languages, to help the Tamil speaking kids we are presenting the audio of each Kural, the audio is carefully recorded to help the kids hear the kural as many time as they want, they can read, hear and get the meaning at a time, moreover we made the site user friendly, intitutive with much less navigation.