Clinica is a complete Clinical lab management system.  A Clinical lab needs to keep track of Patients Test results, Patient history, Doctor details, variety of Laboratory Tests, Customer Billing, Doctor’s referral bonus and much more.  Using Clinica a Lab administrator can maintain all these details with easy.

This product can is highly customizable depending on the needs of the Lab also this be implemented for a single laboratory or for chain of laboratories (multiple branches in City/State).

Product initially comes up with all kinds of Laboratory Tests with Parameters. If a particular test can’t be done on your laboratory, you can refer the prescription to the Lab with has the capability to do the Tests.

The exhaustive reports provides valuable insights about a branch performance, revenue generation on a branch, Doctor details and their referrals, referral bonus calculation for each Doctor on monthly basis and much more, we can even add few more reports on need basis.

Clinica completely eliminates manual tasks and help manage your Clinical Lab effectively.

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  • Browser based no need to install/uninstall software
  • Works on all desktops/laptops/mobile
  • Detailed and customizable reports
  • Developed using the latest Javascript technology
  • It is designed using light weight components
  • Fast and quick loading
  • Highly customizable based on individual Lab’s requirement.
  • Provides administrator and regular users
  • Built with Google’s Angularjs framework
  • Backend API’s are built using PHP
  • Critical data are encrypted