In today’s society, everyone uses social media. By marketing in social networks, you can get a large number of leads for your products. Here in Ulagellam, we use digital promotions to get you quality leads.


Social Media Users compared to Newspaper Readers

According to New York Times’, the time spent reading a newspaper is 4.6 minutes. In contrast, the time spent on social media is two to four hours per day in India. Around the world, daily usage is up to 9 hours. 4.9 million people read The Times of India. In contrary, social media users in India are 226 million people. Moreover, in 2021, 600 million users are to use social media. As the years pass, fewer people tend to read newspapers. Whereas, social media users are significantly growing.


Ad Cost for a Newspaper to the Cost in Social Media

The cost to advertise in The Times of India in Chennai is Rs. 1,865 /sq cm. So, the cost for a quarter page ad (16 cm x 25 cm) is Rs.7,46,000/ day.  2.7 lakh ad copies for this much money. To repeat, the time spent reading is only 4.6 minutes. There is no guarantee for people reading that page. As with our digital promotions, Rs.5,000 a month for above 8,000 users. We will pick the right users to target. With chosen region, age, gender, interests, the demographics are precise. This kind of laser-focused customer targeting and cherry picking is not possible with newspapers ads.

How Swastika Aircons Got More Leads from Digital Promotions because of Ulagellam Pvt Ltd

To demonstrate, Ulagellam promoted Swatika Aircons. Before they came to us, they have been spending more Rs. 35,000 on the promotion of their air conditioners in other forms of advertising. But after coming to Ulagellam, they were able to increase leads by 98%. Their advertising cost tremendously decreased to 10%.

In short, digital promotion is most worthwhile for your products. And Ulagellam will help you with that!

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